South Yorkshire Electric Bike Centre


The South Yorkshire Electric Bike Centre (SYEBC) is dedicated to offering a complete range of various electric bikes at various price ranges to suit. 

We are based in Rotherham with a space for test riding, and a hill close by to really put those motors to the test. We believe that you need to try a bike before you purchase it to know that it is really for you. No appointments are required beforehand, you are free to turn up at your own convenience.

The SYEBC team are very fluent and experienced in electric bikes with riding as a personal passion, we are here to help and guide you through your choice of electric bike to make sure that it is perfect for your needs.

We hand pick our brands to offer different styles of bikes and more choice whether its style of motor, brand of components, price point.

Servicing and repair is also our speciality, with fully qualified electric bike mechanics on our team! Please visit our Servicing and Repair section of the website to see our prices and book yourself in for a service or any other work you might need!